Vertical Case Transport System (VCTS)

Vertical Case Transport System (VCTS)

About the Vertical Case Transport System (VCTS)

Eastey’s Vertical Case Transport System (VCTS) offers an automatic and affordable solution for off-line case printing. The VCTS feeds blank cases through a print station for mounting high-resolution inkjet printers, allowing users to print on two or four adjacent sides of a case without pre-printed cases or expensive labeling equipment and supplies. The VCTS includes a programmable counter for customizing case runs, and an exit hopper collection bin for convenient case collection. Equipped with casters, the VCTS is easily moveable and ideal for users looking to increase storage space. With proven reliability and simple operation, Eastey’s VCTS provides an ideal solution for industrial case transport needs.

Vertical Case Transport System (VCTS) Features

  • Efficient and cost-effective solution for printing on blank cases, eliminating the need for pre-printed cases or labeling equipment and supplies
  • Automatic operation with a programmable counter to keep track of batch quantities, rate of operation, and elapsed run time
  • Convenient case collection with an adjustable exit hopper collection bin that can store up to 75 flat single wall RSCs, increasing inventory space
  • Versatile design with adjustable width settings on the standard VCTS and a larger VCTS-XL to accommodate cases of various sizes, providing an affordable and reliable solution for case transport needs
Vertical Case Transport System (VCTS)

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