Eastey BB2


About the BB-2

The Eastey BB-2 case taper is a cost-effective and versatile top and bottom case taper designed for large runs of case sealing. With adjustable side rails and a flexibility range from 5″ to infinite box length, the BB-2 offers fast and easy case changes.

The machine can seal cases ranging from 6″ to 21″ in width and 4″ to 20.5″ in depth. BB-2’s unique and straightforward design has proven to be reliable and efficient, minimizing production and maintenance efforts while providing a reliable alternative to manual hand taping.

BB-2 Features

  • BB-2’s adjustable side rails make it easy to handle various box sizes, improving efficiency and reducing downtime
  • With its unique and straightforward design, the BB-2 is one of the most reliable case tapers on the market today
  • The machine’s cost-effectiveness and versatility make it an ideal choice for large runs of case sealing, saving time and money
  • BB-2’s ability to seal cases ranging from 6″ to 21″ in width and 4″ to 20.5″ in depth ensures that it can handle a wide range of box sizes, making it a highly adaptable solution for various industries

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