Accumulation Table

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Accumulation Table

About the Accumulation Table

The primary function of accumulation tables is to temporarily pause, hold, and release bottles, cans, jars, or other containers following the filling or cleaning process. By effectively balancing production line rates, these tables enable uninterrupted production while temporarily halting the downstream product flow. Additionally, they facilitate smooth product removal for packing purposes, eliminating the risk of product damage that may occur when a production line comes to a stop.

The TT36 and TT48 accumulation tables from Eastey embody the exceptional quality the brand is known for. Featuring a stainless steel turntable, a variable speed motor, a dual direction drive, and a straightforward design, these tables are true workhorses that can withstand even the most demanding challenges. The tubular steel frame ensures durability, making them suitable for rugged applications. Moreover, the powder-coated exterior provides protection against harsh conditions, guaranteeing years of reliable use. For food-related applications, an optional stainless steel base is also available.


Accumulation Table Features

  • Available in two different diameters, the tables can be tailored to suit specific operational requirements, providing flexibility in product accumulation
  • By effectively balancing production line rates, these tables allow for uninterrupted production while facilitating the temporary halt of downstream product flow
  • Built with a stainless steel turntable and a tubular steel frame, these tables are designed to withstand rugged applications and ensure long-lasting performance
  • The powder-coated exterior shields the machine base from challenging conditions, ensuring durability. For food applications, the optional stainless steel base provides additional hygiene and corrosion resistance
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