Integra Ultimate

Integra Ultimate

About the Integra Ultimate

The Markoprint Integra Ultimate is an efficient inkjet printer with a cutting-edge HP printhead. With print heights up to 25 mm and an IP65 rated enclosure, this system elevates your coding capabilities to new heights!

It’s ideal for use in challenging production environments like wood, pharmaceutical, and food industries, thanks to its automatic self-closing printhead and nozzle plate cleaning feature. It can immediately resume printing after a break without the need for wiping the cartridge or spitting.

The cartridges can remain in the printhead during downtime, making it suitable for use in closed or hard-to-reach areas. It’s also compatible with UV inks for smooth surface printing, with longer open times up to 72 hours.

Integra Ultimate Features

  • IP65 protection during sleep mode.
  • No need to remove cartridges during downtime.
  • No spitting required during short breaks.
  • Cartridges are protected from external elements during standstill.
Integra Ultimate

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