About the SQ-50F

The SQ-50F fiber laser coding system is a versatile and efficient solution for permanent coding in various industries. With its 50W model, it can handle high-speed marking applications in the automotive, electronics, medical, aerospace, and other primary coding applications. The SQ-50F laser can permanently mark onto ceramics, plastics, matte metals, rubber, composite material, and more, making it ideal for diverse production environments.

The fiber laser coding system offers a range of benefits, including static or continuous marking modes, ensuring high-speed marking without compromising quality. The system requires no inks or solvents, making it an environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution. The fiber laser’s high accuracy and precision ensure non-dot matrix, razor-sharp marks, providing a high-quality finish on a wide variety of substrates.

The SQ-50F laser coding system is designed for reliability and longevity. It features a rugged cast aluminum controller body and integrated key switch and interlock relay for increased safety on the production floor. 

SQ-50F Features

  • User-friendly 7” touchscreen software built directly into the controller for convenience and ease of use.
  • Intuitive system with focus finder and code area preview window on product during setup for quick and easy laser marking setup within minutes.
  • Easily configurable in a variety of angles with the option of an additional mobile stand for added flexibility.
  • Optional fume extraction systems available to connect directly to SQ-Laser systems, providing a cleaner and healthier work environment.
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