Jet Stream IP

JetStream IP

JetStream IP

About the JetStream IP 

The JetStreamTM IP CIJ printing system is a highly durable and versatile machine designed to operate in extreme environments. Its IP65 rating ensures that it can operate efficiently in harsh conditions such as high dust, cold rooms with condensation, or washdown environments.

One of the standout features of the JetStream IP is its ability to print up to 5 lines of superior quality small characters on a variety of substrates, including porous, non-porous, smooth, textured, curved, and concave materials.

The JetStream IP is an ideal solution for primary product coding applications that require reliable and cost-effective printing in extreme and challenging environments. Its robust construction and pressurized printhead and cabinet make it suitable for dusty environments such as flour mills, cement plants, and timber yards.

JetStream IP Features

  • The JetStream IP’s self-cleaning printhead with CleanJetTM maintenance routine enables quick and easy automatic start-up and shutdown

  • Routine maintenance for the JetStream IP is hassle-free, as quick disconnect components can be swapped out within minutes, eliminating the need for costly service calls

  • Annual PMs can be completed in minutes for the JetStream IP by swapping the entire ink system with an affordably priced refurbished system

  • With its low maintenance features such as self-cleaning printhead and quick disconnect components, the JetStream IP is a reliable and cost-effective printing solution for businesses

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