SQ CoPilot max LT machine


About the COPILOT MAX LT Hi-Resolution Printer 

Discover the next level in high-speed printing technology with CoPilot Max LT advanced printing system, capable of achieving speeds up to 440 feet per minute at 150 horizontal dpi, or alternatively, up to 220 feet per minute at a crisp 300 horizontal dpi. This system is designed for efficiency and versatility, offering up to 2.8 inches of print height per printhead, with the capability to manage up to two printheads simultaneously from a single controller, ensuring a cost-effective solution for all your coding and marking needs.

This printing system is engineered with an innovative active ink system that supports flexible printhead positioning. This means you can adjust the orientation of the printhead to any angle without needing to modify the ink supply height, enabling the creation of high-resolution characters, sharp text, scannable barcodes, and visually appealing logos with resolutions up to 360 dpi. This is nearly double the resolution offered by similar printers in this category, making it a standout choice for businesses looking to improve their print quality and efficiency.



  • The controller is designed to keep up with fast-paced manufacturing environments.
  • It features increased processing power for faster execution of user commands.
  • Printer features a 4.3” full color touchscreen that allows users access to the system’s internal messages and print functions
  • It provides an affordable solution for meeting GS1 barcode specifications.
  • Messages are created and edited on the easy-to-use Orion™ PC Software and transferred via USB, ethernet, wireless, or optional Windows® tablet.
  • Consumable costs for this printer are typically 1/10 the cost of paper labels, reducing the need for pre-printed cartons and inventory costs.
  • The CoPilot Max LT is an excellent choice for those looking to streamline their coding and marking process or save money.
SQ CoPilot Max LT Controller

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