CoPilot Gemini

CoPilot Gemini

CoPilot Gemini

About the CoPilot Gemini

The CoPilot Gemini printing system is engineered to produce high-resolution characters of exceptional quality on surfaces that are either porous or non-porous.

When it comes to non-porous surfaces that demand quick drying times, the CoPilot Gemini can also operate with UV LED curable inks.

Boasting an impressive print height of 5.6″ and print speeds that reach up to 220 ft/min, the CoPilot Gemini offers a cost-effective solution for marking various products and substrates with ease.

CoPilot Gemini Features

  • CoPilot Gemini uses an active ink system similar to CoPilot Max printing system.
  • It allows tilting or rotating the printhead in any direction without adjusting ink supply height.
  • It prints hi-resolution characters, sharp text, scannable bar codes, and great logos at 360 DPI vertical resolution.
  • The printing speed can go up to 220 ft/minute.
  • CoPilot Gemini has a large 500ml snap-in cartridge for quick ink cartridge swapping.
  • The system has a user-friendly touchscreen design.
  • The generous ink volume and quick-change ink cartridge reduces downtime and maximizes ROI.
CoPilot Gemini

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