About the COPILOT 256

The CoPilot 256 ink jet printer offers superior printing quality with high-resolution characters on both porous and non-porous surfaces. With up to 2.8 inches of total print height and the ability to print on both sides in a single pass, it is designed to be a seamless part of your packaging process.

The CoPilot 256 can run on either oil-based or solvent-based inks and produce high-resolution characters, text, barcodes, and logos at 185 dpi, up to 2.8 inches tall (1.4 inches from a single head).

For non-porous materials, users can utilize solvent-based inks to print on various products like coated cartons, plastics, glass, shrink wrap, and metals. The PZ-1000 ink for porous substrates offers low-maintenance and better ink utilization compared to competing systems.


COPILOT 256 Features

  • The CoPilot 256 features a 4.3-inch full-color touchscreen for easy access to internal messages and print functions
  • Messages can be created and edited using PC software and transferred via Ethernet or USB
  • Multiple CoPilot 256 printers can be connected via Ethernet for larger applications
  • The CoPilot 256 can be controlled through a central Orion print station for greater efficiency

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