About the COPILOT 128

The CoPilot 128 ink jet printing system offers the robustness, versatility, and efficiency you need. Whether you’re printing lot codes on coated cartons, bar codes on corrugated cases, or product details and logos on PVC pipes.

Because of the COPILOT 128’s durability and user adaptability system it can run on oil-based or solvent-based inks, producing high-quality 185 dpi prints at 135ft/min on a range of substrates.

For non-porous materials, you have the option of using solvent-based inks that can print a variety of pigmented inks on various non-porous items like coated cartons, plastics, glass, shrink wrap, metals, and more.


COPILOT 128 Features

  • The CoPilot 128 is specifically designed for tough industrial applications
  • The device features a durable touchscreen and industrial-grade printhead construction for added durability
  • The print engines are made for industrial use, providing excellent print quality even in harsh environments
  • The large 500ml cartridge or bag ink system reduces downtime and increases ROI by keeping your line running smoothly

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