905 Series for Kwik Lok Systems

905 Series for Kwik Lok Systems

905 Series for Kwik Lok Systems

About 905 Series for Kwik Lok Systems

The 905 Series CoPilot UV LED Curing System, when integrated with Kwik Lok’s 865 Automatic Bag Closing Machine, offers an excellent solution for packers of fresh produce who need to print information such as sell by dates, suggested list prices, 2D bar codes, and more on bag closures.

The ink used by this system is unique in that it can only be cured by UV LED light, and will not dry until it is exposed to this light. This feature provides a lower maintenance solution than other ink jet technologies. The LED curing ink creates a permanent mark that is impervious to environmental factors like sunlight, water, moisture, and temperature. Additionally, it contains virtually no VOCs, making it suitable for use in food applications.

The 905 Series CoPilot system incorporates easy-to-use software that has been modified specifically for the produce industry. This allows for easy message programming and recall, making the system highly user-friendly.

905 Series for Kwik Lok Systems Features

  • The 905 Series CoPilot UV LED Curing System is designed to meet the specific demands of your application.
  • The rugged design of the 905 CoPilot is built to withstand the challenging environment of produce packaging while producing superior quality print and UV curing.
  • Integration is made easy, as the 905 Series mounts directly to Kwik Lok’s 865 Closure Machine and requires no preheating or compressed air.
  • The 905 UV LED system can be programmed to run in manual, semi-automatic, or automatic mode to match the operation of your manufacturing line. The system’s fast response functionality enables quick start-ups, reducing downtime and increasing ROI.
905 Series for Kwik Lok Systems

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