DT2x / DT4x

DT2x / DT4x

DT2x / DT4x System

About the DT2x / DT4x

The GoDEX DT2x and DT4x printers are ultra-light, compact, and versatile labeling solutions ideal for various settings. With multiple communication ports, they integrate seamlessly with other devices for precise and efficient label printing.

These printers can handle a range of label sizes and materials, making them perfect for different labeling needs. Whether you’re printing shipping labels, barcodes, or product labels, the GoDEX DT2x and DT4x printers offer exceptional performance and functionality without taking up too much space.

DT2x / DT4x Features

  • Simple and cost-effective 2.5″ direct thermal printer
  • Space-saving design with wall-mounting capability
  • Standard USB 2.0, serial port, and Ethernet connections
  • Automatic language emulation: EZPL, GEPL, and GZPL
DT2x / DT4x

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